Mt. Williamson Motel

How it works

The Mt. Williamson Motel accepts hiker resupplies in five gallon buckets. (Full information here)

Using our website, you can build this resupply by simply adding items to your bucket. As you do so, your resupply calories and weight will be calculated automatically. You will be able to see how full your bucket is to be sure you are making good use of the available space. Once you have finished filling your bucket, you can Checkout and complete your transaction securely via PayPal Logo using either your account or credit/debit card.

That's it!

The price of this service is $45 which really is just a relay of cost. This covers the USPS postage and the actual cost of the bucket.

Using Zero Day Resupply

Please take the Tour of our site and decide for yourself. We not only provide this PCT/JMT service, but also ship boxed resupplies to any trail town you may find yourself passing through. Should your choose to take advantage of our service, we ask that you Register for the site. This gives us a point of contact for delivering tracking information on all of your packages and allows you access to all of the site's features.