antler-headHi! My name is Chris, and I am from the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Growing up around some of the most beautiful mountains in the northeast has greatly influenced me over the years. I have learned, lived and loved the outdoors. Only a fifteen minute drive from my doorstep is Mt. Moosilauke, one of the many mountains over 4000 feet my state has to offer. I have climbed to its peak countless times over the years, but one instance stands out in my mind over all the rest. This was the time that I met my first thru-hiker. A pair actually. We shared some Oreos and I remember my dad asking them about their trip. As young as I was, I can’t say that I understood the enormity of their undertaking. I did, however, become enamored with the idea of living in the woods for an entire summer, summiting peak after peak. Over a decade later I would realize that dream. I have since completed the Triple Crown of hiking and created Zero Day Resupply to help others do the same.


I endeavor to help those interested in thru-hiking accomplish their goals by providing them with both savings and ease of resupply. In my travels I have found that dealing with the logistics of long distance detracts from an otherwise carefree and joyful adventure. Worrying about finding what you will need in small town stores or whether you will find a store at all can be frustrating. I have lived off overpriced gas station food before. I would prefer not to again.


Concentrate on the journey, the scenery and the people you will meet. Enjoy your town days doing what you want, not scavenging for supplies to complete the next leg of the journey. Pick up your package and move forward. It can be that simple. Perhaps you have already considered mailing yourself your own resupply boxes as you go. Consider, however, if you are doing it all before you leave for the trail you must predict months in advance what you will want to eat and how many calories you will require. This long term projection more times than not leads to undernourishment, a wasteful surplus of food that you can’t eat and must carry, or disgust with foods you have been eating day after day. You have no option, right? The financial commitment was made. You are three months in on an amazing adventure, money is getting tight and you can’t afford to not eat what you have already purchased. It is this terrible realization that I have experienced and seek to help others avoid.

Zero Day Resupply combines the best of all available options. You aren’t trapped by the lack of variety a small town grocer can provide, or by the high prices those goods carry. You are not condemned to meal planning months in advance. Adjust your packages as your dietary needs warrant the decision. Not getting enough protein? Bump up your intake on the next delivery. Needed an extra chocolate bar to get up that last climb? Order as you go and eat what you want. Set up a few deliveries in advance, or order one box at a time. Your resupply will be waiting at your next destination. Easily track your purchases and learn from each leg of the journey.

Beyond just the food, there are other concerns. You will come to learn pack weight is the enemy. Keeping this low is both an art and science. At Zero Day Resupply we are committed to helping you succeed. Per piece purchasing for essentials is available. No need to buy four batteries when your headlamp takes three. Why leave behind 23 zip lock bags when you only needed two? Don’t buy more than you need.

I invite you to see what we have to offer at Zero Day Resupply and choose for yourself. Make your zero day a zero day. Hike your own hike. We’ll see you to the finish.

- Spartan