What we do...

We provide a practical and convenient method of resupply for hikers. Often the planning of a long distance hike tends to be the most difficult, or the least pleasurable part of thru-hiking anyway.

  • Order As You Go

    There is no need to plan your resupplies months in advance, nor will you be stuck with months of food should your hike end unexpectedly.

  • Single Unit Purchasing

    Spend pennies not dollars on the little items you need day to day. Variety is the spice of life, don't commit to a box of anything when you can have a little of everything.

  • Save Time In Town

    By being able to pick up a box and move on with your hike you won't be wasting time walking around town resupplying and picking up bonus miles while you do it. Time in town costs money.

  • Cut Pack Weight

    Buy exactly what you need, not more. This eliminates needing to decide between leaving the excess behind or carrying the weight.


Mailed Resupply

We specialize in resupply packages, mailed to any address in the continental United States.

Next Day Shipping

Orders placed before 5pm EST will be mailed the following business day.

No Handling Fee

You pay what we pay. Discounted rates are passed on to our customers. Orders over $75 ship USPS for $5.


Resupply Buckets

This is a specialty service for the John Muir Trail. We send resupplies packaged in 5 gallon buckets for locations calling for this extra packaging requirement.

Common Locations

Need a resupply bucket shipped somewhere else?

We can do it! ask us here.